On Doran and directing Cardenio

From the History of Cardenio's first readthru. Image by Raincliffs Photography.

by Gary Taylor

Greg will, unfortunately, not be able to attend the colloquium, or even see the show, because during that entire period he is filming his production of Julius Caesar for the BBC. This is our loss—but also, as Shakespearians, our gain, because it means we will be able eventually to buy the DVD of his BBC film, to use in our own classrooms.

Reading his book, I am struck by the fact that almost everything he does involves meeting other people. Even going to the library is characterized, by him, as a meeting with a librarian. Since the beginning of my career, I have insisted that theatre is a collaborative art-form, but watching Terri Bourus work on the upcoming production of Cardenio (since last September) I have been amazed and appalled by how much time she spends in meetings and on the phone. Although I have learned more than I care to admit from the various readings and workshops of my evolving reconstruction, most of my writing and research is done alone in my home or office, attended only by my faithful computer Jeeves, who doesn’t ask too many questions or get upset if I don’t give him enough face-time. I guess I am more of a misanthrope than I ever realized. Certainly, life as a director would kill me, or kill someone else in my vicinity.


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